Hardware Service


PC Tune-Up / Clean-Up

Out of the box, a new computer usually seems downright fast. After several months or a year, most people notice a drop in performance. And after 18 months to two years, the machine you once adored is usually subject to cursing, fist-shaking, and perhaps occasional weeping, as you watch it fail to load any program or Web page in a timely manner. Your once fast computer has turned into a sluggish and lumbering oaf.

Sometimes these problems are caused by bad Internet connections or very outdated hardware, but very often, the root problem isn’t one thing alone. It’s a lot of little things that have built up, like duplicate files, unneeded downloads, and the remnants of programs that never uninstalled properly. Tuning up a computer cleans out all this garbage and tidies up a few other areas that help the machine run smoother and more reliably.

Computer Tune-up and Clean-up does not include virus and/or malware removal.

Most tune ups do the following:

  • Defragment the disk

  • Repair the system registry

  • Delete unnecessary files and duplicate files

  • Uninstall and remove programs that did not properly uninstall previously

  • Disable unnecessary background tasks

  • Check for driver updates

  • Remove data that you don’t need related to your Internet browsers


Custom PC Builds

Looking for a quality PC that will last a long time and be supported by the best technical support; then a custom built PC is the answer. We only use name brand top shelf computer components.   You receive a one year onsite repair warranty.  Should any component fail you have zero out of pocket expense …. no cost for the part … no cost for labor.

You may want a PC for basic email, photos and social networks like Facebook and Twitter.  However, you may want to get involved with other applications that require a more horsepower like video editing or gaming.  Decide your computer needs, such as:

  • Media editing and creative works

  • Games and over-clocking

  • Computation and scientific works

  • Business and office work

  • Daily household work and Internet surfing

  • Media entertainment system